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The Power of “PAUSE”

Communication is the key to strong relationships. My passion is to help others build strong, deep relationships so they can have a happy life…

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Your Gratitude Elevates Your Altitude

While 2020 has been a year for the record books, it has also provided many opportunities to learn new and creative ways of leading, growing a business…

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Financial Freedom with Alice Tang

Part 4 Of The Series: Improving Your Financial Wellness

While many professionals focus on building their retirement funds and 401ks, as a business owner, you’ve likely poured your time, love, energy, and…

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Part 3 Of The Series: Improving Your Financial Wellness

Your retirement number depends on you! How much can you save now? How much will you need then? What is your timeline? Alice shows you how to…

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GPS Financial Goals

Part 2 Of The Series: Improving Your Financial Wellness

When planning for future financial independence, most people are following a generic plan that is not aligned to their needs of becoming a later abandoned burden. Alice talks about the vital four elements she believes everyone needs to have when focusing on their finances and planning for their future.

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Alice Shares Life Lessons To Inspire Women To Success

Financial advisor Alice Tang shares her story of how she became a prominent keynote speaker on empowering women (and some men as well) as she teaches them to take control of their financial lives. 

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Making Your Network Work For You

Referrals are the key to personal success, but how do you get them and how do you put them to work for you? There are a lot of subtleties to doing this right. Financial advisor Alice Tang tells what has worked for her over the years in this video interview on “The Imperfect Feminist.”

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What’s The “Secret Sauce” To Success?

When she started as a financial advisor, Alice Tang made 25,000 cold calls the first year and earned exactly $2,000. That clearly wasn’t going to be her path to success. She soon learned what works and shares it in this video interview on “Cowbells and Conversations.”

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Why Should Women Be In Control of Their Own Money?

You’re married. Your husband makes a good living. Why should you worry about money? Financial advisor Alice Tang explains in this video.

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