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Alice Tang the wave of change

The Wave of Change

As the world changes in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are not likely to return to the old ways of doing things. People, businesses, and entire…

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Zoom is not the Problem

After working from home since the “Stay at Home” order, Zoom and GoToMeeting have provided me a means to connect with family, clients,…

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Nurturing Relationships Virtually

Nurturing Relationships in a “Socially Distanced” World

While things have dramatically changed around the globe this last month, some things remain the same. The attention you give to those who matter most in…

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Start with “NO” for a Rewarding 2020

The new year is a good time to reflect, recharge, reset, and plan for our year. Hopefully, you already have set your annual goals. Your goals are…

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Alice Tang Blog posts (3)

Hiking Yosemite and the Journey to Financial Freedom

This year, my husband gave me a six-day trip to Yosemite as my birthday gift. I put “Yosemite” into the search bar, hit return, then click “images.” The screen…

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Alice nurse 9.5.2019

Three Tips to Create an Unforgettable First Impression – What I learned from a 15-minute annual physical exam

What do you expect at a health screening appointment? To measure your blood pressure, pulse count, height and weight, blood drawn for…

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Alice Tang Blog posts (1)

Courageous Money Conversations: Don’t Let Money Steal Your Sleep

I’ve learned many lessons from my Dad about life, happiness and also about money. I’ve seen how my Dad looks at money as a tool. He is the user and…

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Tax Time for Sole Proprietors: More in Your Pocket than Uncle Sam’s by Saving

Monday, April 15, is almost here: the day Uncle Sam makes his reckoning. Are you ready? You’ve worked hard all year as the sole proprietor of a…

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Money Is Not Everything – WHY Women Need To Be in Control of Their Money!

“Money is not everything.” However, having money or excess money, we could achieve many of our dreams and goals and solve many problems…

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