When Women Unite

When Women Unite

When reading today’s headlines of the Coronavirus’s impacts on women’s livelihoods or small business closures’ statistics, it’s easy to become caught up in the news and the fear. The statistics alone can make you feel like your head is spinning, and when you pair that with recent news of a female recession and growth of the gender pay gap, it can feel like we’ve still got a mountain to climb.

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The Power of “PAUSE”

The Power of “PAUSE”

Communication is the key to strong relationships. My passion is to help others build strong, deep relationships so they can have a happy life. Communication is a big part of any relationship. As two people converse, it is easy to have miscommunications or misunderstandings. We are all individuals with our personal experience and context that filter the messages we create and receive.

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See Why Audiences Love Alice

“I like you and your presentation because you are a giant personality, a great person and a motivational and engaging speaker.”

Chris Maryanopolis

President of Signator Investors, Inc.

“Whether it is one-on-one or in a group setting, I always feel refreshed and ready to take on any challenge after being with Alice.“

Mai-Han Shultz

Relationship Management Director, Lincoln Financial Group

“Alice’s stories are not only educational, but humorous and inspirational too! I find myself retelling them to friends and colleagues. Alice’s style is energetic and friendly, and she can adapt to any audience. She’s smart, experienced and compassionate!“

Carmen Voilleque

Author and CEO of Best Practice Media

“I am hearing that this was the best call of the series! I had an advisor tell me that she appreciated you sharing your story…And they love how you gave actionable takeaways.“

Melinda A. Gee

Sr. Diversity Consultant at Principal Advisor Network

“Alice’s personal experiences and dynamic personality were inspiring. We walked away with solid tools that were put to use the next day. Thank you, Alice!“

Kiersten Kane

PHR, SHRM-CP PHRMA Event Organizer