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From immigrating to the United States with no network, family, or career, Alice Tang has become a successful and well-respected financial planner who helps audiences harness control of their personal, professional, and financial future with confidence. Alice knows what it’s like to feel like an outsider who doesn’t belong. She’s rediscovered and re-invented herself numerous times and has found that building confidence in her finances has helped boost her overall confidence and her long-term success. These experiences have given her the unique opportunity to test her strategies, fine-tune her technique, and codify processes that help others reach their goals. Alice’s passion for instilling courage and confidence in women and in the next generation and helping them solidify their financial futures has led her to create The Money Confidence Boosts Overall Confidence Program, empowering audiences to take charge of their money and their destiny. “Your courage builds your confidence and ultimately your wealth,” says Alice Tang. Help your audience harness their potential to build their personal, professional, and financial wealth.

In this engaging session, audience members will be able to:

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