15 Minutes Can Change A Life: The Power of Micro-Mentoring

Every word we speak carries the potential to shape, guide, and encourage those around us. Many of us feel the calling to mentor others, recognizing the profound impact we can have on someone’s journey. Yet, amidst our busy lives, the prospect of mentoring can often feel like a daunting task. But what if I told… Continue reading 15 Minutes Can Change A Life: The Power of Micro-Mentoring

Courage Builds Confidence, and Confidence Builds Wealth

It takes courage to look at where you are on your financial journey. You might not have saved as much as you had hoped, or you may be pleasantly…

Paving the Road to Financial Success

Is achieving financial success one of your New Year’s resolutions? Typically somewhere between the middle of January and the first quarter, many of us lose steam on our resolutions. It’s not that we no longer want to achieve this goal. More likely, it’s that we haven’t instilled the processes to support us and we’ve lost… Continue reading Paving the Road to Financial Success

What About Me?

We are in the last stretch of the year, so many ambitious entrepreneurs are investing a lot of time and energy to close the year strong. It’s important…

Habits To Develop Authentic Relationships

On this episode of “Measure Success Podcast”, hosted by Carl J. Cox, Alice shares how to develop habits that naturally build authentic relationships.