Oregon has the warmest spring in early April, ever since we lived here. This made going to Hood River and Mt. Hood our considerable day trip. After over 60 miles on I-84 from Portland OR. There we met the owner and artist of Glassometry, Laurel Marie Hagner. Out of curiosity, I inquired how she started her studio. Laurel said she was going through some changes and she really needed to find healing many years ago. She found working with glass actually provided her the healing. What does this tell us about “Doing what you love is a form of therapy”? To me, it is a type of “occupational” therapy as my friend Paul Wieda said. Loving what I do helps me focus on helping clients and my firm to succeed wholeheartedly and eagerly. Thus, I could take a break from what I am dealing with on the other side of my world. We all have been there when personal and family life have taken a toll. However, if we love what we do, going to work is a kind of vacation from those challenges.

Laurel and her employee Ian took time to show us the process of creating a piece of Glass Art. This was very different from a larger group of people going through a glass factory with a less than passionate tourist guide. Laurel and Ian have made it very personable. I felt that they cared about the artwork created in their studio, their process and the people (customers) who come through their door. I did not buy anything this first time. However, I remember my experience and will mention them when the opportunities arise. What does it tell us about “relationship and referrals”? People buy at their own timing and their own decision. When customers do not buy now, it does not mean they are not thinking about our products or our solutions. I believe their experience with us when they are not buying is equally, if not even more important than when they are. What are we doing to engage current and potential customers with unforgettable experience?

Laurel is probably 5 feet 4 inches. When I looked at the large pieces of glass artwork (over 100 lbs) she is working on, I could not help but asked, “How do you handle and maneuver such large piece when you work on it?” She paused and answered, “The STRONGEST part of our body is our MIND. Because of that, I can use different part of my body and postures to maneuver by leveraging its weight. I need help a few times. In many cases, I can handle it by myself.” I had chills when I heard what she said! What does this tell us about “If you think you can, you can.”? Sometimes, we have doubting voices in our mind. I notice that once I make up my mind of pursuing a goal or going in a direction, things start to fall into place. I say the difference between whether I can or I cannot is “trying”. One of my friends said to me once, “Catch me when I am trying.”

Meeting with Laurel Marie Hagner was not planned and she was my teacher on that day. It was said, “When the student is ready, the teacher is there.” I was so fortunate! Well, fortunate favors a prepared and open mind!

To find out more about Laurel Marie Hagner and Glassometry, visit: www.glassometry.com

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